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Strengthen your place in professional life by taking foreign language education at the leading, globally accredited language schools. Our language schools, which offer the opportunity to receive education with students from all over the world, are waiting for you to be ready for the modern business world. To start your foreign language education experience right away, take a look at our special offers for the country you want to study, the type of programme you intend to attend, and the duration of the study. To reach our special price offers, click the “Quotation” button and fill out the form that opens. We will contact you as soon as possible to answer all your questions after the price offer scanning.

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Language School Prices

Language school prices vary in countries such as England, America, Canada and Ireland. The offer you receive will differ depending on factors such as the location of the school, the opportunities it provides and the duration of education, as well as the country currency. As We Education, we recommend that you consider the quality of the education you will receive in return for your expenditure when choosing a foreign language school.


We provide you with detailed consultancy services on accommodation abroad, cost of living, transportation opportunities and facilities provided by schools. Our contracted language schools offer opportunities that facilitate your job finding process in countries that provide you with the opportunity to work during your education and at the end of your education. As We Education, we are with you not only in the language school registration process, but also in all the details of your language school experience abroad.