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Study Abroad and Career Consulting

As We Education, we provide overseas education and career consultancy services in our consultancy office in London and bring you together with the most distinguished universities of the world. With our language education consultancy, we are with you at all stages, from finding the right school according to your needs to the support you need during the application process.

We are continually expanding our portfolio of UK-based schools, with the aim of helping you get the best possible education with a wide variety of options around the world. Thanks to our close relationships with top institutions worldwide, we are ready to find your next destination together on your academic journey.

Application Process

Contact Us

We start the process by getting information about the region you want to study, the abroad education program you prefer and your education periods. We are offering free consultation and special prices for you.

Select Your Course and School

We send you the schools and programs that are most suitable for your preferences and our special recommendations. Within the scope of our education consultancy, we answer all the questions in your mind so that you can choose the appropriate school and program.

Choose Your Accommodation

We know that accommodation is one the issues that worry you in your adventure of education abroad. We inform you about the range of accommodation options in your city according to the school facilities you have chosen and your preferences.

Getting Paperwork Ready

We support all your communication with the school you want to study abroad to complete the legal processes. We make sure that you complete the preparation process of the necessary documents and files.

Visa Application

You are safe with our visa consultancy service specific to the country you have chosen. We are at your side with the visa consultancy service in accordance with the laws of the country you are traveling to and with all the details considered from the first day.

Fly to Your Dreams

In the final stage, we make sure you complete the details about your educational journey. As part of our completely free consultancy service, we offer airport transfers and free information about the city.

Guide To England


Students who come to the UK for language schools can stay with a family or at student halls. However, letting a flat or a room is also possible for longer study programs. Students who are in their first year of university are recommended to stay in student halls. UK universities always guarantee accomodation for foreign students in their first year. The accommodation fees range between £250 to £800 per week. Inevitably, cost of living and rents are lower outside of London.

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Corporate Training Consultancy

There are many opportunities in the UK for professionals who would like to improve their skills. We Education provides corporate training services to businesses as well as to individuals who feel lost about which trainings and skills they need to progress in their career. We determine our clients’ needs, find the best suitable training program and plan out the entire training process.

Please contact us for more information about our corporate training consultancy services.

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Our Top Quality Language Schools

Malvern House London

Founded in 2000, Malvern House London welcomes more than 3000 students from all around the world.

INGLA School of English

INGLA offers English lessons in small groups in the mornings, afternoons and evenings.

EC London

EC English with its tremendous reputation, provides a top-quality service.

Language Studies International (LSI)

LSI schools have been teaching in over 7 countries including UK, Canada and US since 1965.

Tti School of English Camden

Tti School of English Camden is an independent, boutique language centre founded in 1998.

ST Giles

Prestigious English language school St Giles was founded by Paul Lindsay and his wife Diana, in 1955.


ILAC is the most awarded English language school in the world, with campuses in Toronto and Vancouver.

Twin Group

Located in London and on the coast in Eastbourne, Twin Group schools started providing high quality language education in 1993.

The Islington Centre for English

Some of the lowest prices in the English language school marketplace can be found at The Islington Centre for English.

CES Toronto

CES Toronto is located in the heart of the biggest city of Canada and providing top quality education.